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Introduction is a project started in the spring 2018, which aims to preserve the Finnish food culture while promoting Finnish food. Reetta Angelvo-Riipinen, a Finnish culinary journalist, is the project leader and database manager.

Reetta loves Finnish food and is constantly looking for new tasting experiences from restaurants, markets, small village eateries, and by cooking herself. This site complements Reetta's blog, where she reviews the restaurants she has visited.

In addition to the new flavors, the old and familiar ones are just as important to Reetta. As she comes from Uusimaa, her festive dishes include aladobi, and while visiting Kuusamo she has to taste some ‘Kitkan viisas’, and in Kuopio some of the traditional kalakukko.

Finnish food culture is rich and diverse. With the help of this site you can get to know the Finnish kitchen, and thus the way to the Finnish mind and heart. To visitors already familiar with the subject, the site can offer new points of view, facts and recipes of Finnish food.


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